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Date : May 16, 2016
NK spent $200 million for party congress
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North Korea Spends over $200 Million on Worker's Party congress 

According to Korea University's Nam Sung-Wook, North Korea spent US$200 million on the Worker's Party Congress that wrapped up on Monday, placing further financial strain on the impoverished country. Mr. Nam claims that the move Congress was meant to be a "self-coronation" for Kim Jung-un to further solidify his control. Approximately 5,000 people, including 3,467 delegates of the North Korean Worker's (NKW) party participated in the event. Mr. Nam further stated that North Korea launched a 1960s-esque"speed war" called the "70-day campaign" ahead of the congress which only further aggravated people's hardships in the country as the country launches another five-year economic development plan. 

[Source: Yonhap News]

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