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Date : January 6, 2020
NK soldiers study Kim Il Sung guerrilla warfare
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N. Korean soldiers study Kim Il Sung-style guerrilla warfare

Following the Mount Paektu ascent of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Dec 4., the entire North Korean army has received new educational materials. They outline the guerrilla warfare tactics Kim Il Sung, the first leader of North Korea, used in his fight against Japanese colonial forces. 

According to Daily NK sources, military companies and platoons have studied and debated the materials thoroughly, and have devoted themselves to memorizing and completely mastering Kim Il Sung’s tactical skills. 

On Dec. 10, North Korea’s General Political Bureau reportedly distributed the training materials titled “Guerrilla warfare strategies created by Great Leader Kim Il Sung during his fight against the Japanese” to the army. A military source told Daily NK on Monday that soldiers are currently studying the instructions.

Daily NK was able to acquire a copy of the teaching materials, most of which deals with “Kim Il Sung strategies.” They outline different warfare tactics including, for example, how to turn enemies against each other in a siege, distract enemies and attack them from the opposite direction, or attack hostile support forces while laying siege to their bases. The strategies are credited to the “ingenuity of the Great Leader Kim Il Sung, who soundly defeated the enemy [the Japanese] by a variety of means.” ......

[Source: Daily NK]

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