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Date : August 12, 2020
Musan releases food reserves to locals
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Musan County releases food reserves to local population, including mine workers

North Korea distributed special food reserves to people in Musan County in the end of July, with much of it going to workers at Musan Mine, the country’s largest iron ore mine.

When rations of newly harvested potatoes ended in June, the military supplies related department in the people’s committee approved the distribution of food stored in a local No. 2 warehouse, which is for food reserved for times of war. 

The warehouse’s rice, which is typically “old” rice from past harvests, is replaced once every three years. However, the rice has been made available to members of the public despite the fact that the rice was not set to be replaced this year. 

This food is being used to provide rations to people working at businesses in Musan County, and normal levels of rations are expected to be provided to workers at Musan Mine until October.

Musan Mine workers and their dependents have already been provided with three months’ worth of rations; however, the miners will only receive enough rations to feed themselves over the next two months. ......

[Source: Daily NK]

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