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Date : October 6, 2021
Teachers being reduced to farmers for the potato harvest.
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Teachers being reduced to farmers in Yanggang Province for the potato harvest. 

Daily NK has recently obtained information from an internal source that local teachers from Yanggang Province are being mobilized to harvest potatoes despite the expected poor harvest this season. 

The education department assigned local teachers potato quotas from September. 25, 10 days earlier than last year because of the expected insufficient supplies. Flood, drought damage, improper fertilization or manure was responsible for this year’s poor harvest, and many farms are suffering. 

Elementary Schools are drawing censure by collecting KPW 5,000 to KPW 10,000 from students, and middle schools over than KPW 10,000 to harvest and transport the potatoes. Kindergarten students too were mobilized for the potato harvest, without “tax-burdens”. 

“The propaganda calls educating future generations an important project for the future. But in fact, with (the authorities) unable to work out ration issues, teachers are being reduced to farmers” the source said. 

[Source: Daily NK]

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