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Date : July 17, 2023
Fed up with corruption
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Fed up with corruption

North Korean citizens are increasingly protesting against and in some cases, physically attacking police officers due to widespread corruption and perceived police bullying, according to a secret document referenced by an anonymous local government official. 

From July to December of the prior year, numerous incidents of such protests and revenge attacks were reported in Ryanggang province. Economic hardships, worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic, have contributed to people's frustration with authorities. 

Despite the government's efforts to curb such violent incidents by enacting policies that treat violence against law enforcement as severe crimes, many citizens seem to have reached their breaking point and are openly challenging the police. The growing animosity toward the police is approaching a tipping point, the source said, suggesting similar feelings may be present in other parts of the country as well.

[Source: RFA]

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