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Date : May 23, 2016
The lure of SK TV dramas persists unabated
   http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?num=13898&cataId=nk01500 [267]
Despite claims that North Korean authorities had stepped up their efforts to block South Korean media from entering the North for the recent 7th Party Congress, there seems to have been little impact on North Korean consumption of South Korean media. Using "notetels" devices, a colloquialism for small media players made in China, these devices are currently not prohibited by the regime. 

However, all devices must be fixed to state settings, as ordered by the government at the end of 2014. As part of the growing trend of "notetels" in North Korea, Chinese motorcycle batteries are being imported en masse and are being sold 90-100 RMB (117,000-130,000 KPW) in markets, where people are increasingly using solar panels to charge their batteries and power their notetels. As such, North Koreans are continuing to enjoy South Korean media despite government restrictions and the highly unreliable electricity of the country. 

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