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Date : April 5, 2018
Lectures target smuggled phone users
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New mandatory lectures target smuggled phone users, warn against 'complaints'

The North Korean authorities are continuing their campaign against foreign information with the delivery of new mandatory lectures at workplaces nationwide. The lectures are reportedly focused on warning residents to refrain from voicing any complaints against the government amidst their latest international diplomatic push. 

The lectures are meant to “refresh the workers' revolutionary spirit” and “warn people against talking about the state of affairs in North Korea during illegal international phone calls," a source in Ryanggang Province told Daily NK on March 30. 

The source added that individuals have to be careful not to gather in groups of more than three people for long periods, as they may "easily be labeled by the authorities as dissenters," regardless of their topic of conversation.

"Recent Workers' Alliance (a Party-led labor union) education material included orders to 'avoid speaking ill of [the country's] ideology with others' and that we 'must have pride in the Marshal (Kim Jong Un), who is achieving international recognition for our country as a nuclear power,'" the source said, adding that the purpose was to turn the workers into 'agitators' to spread pro-government sentiment.......

[Source: Daily NK]

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