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Date : October 30, 2019
Road management workforce increased in Ryanggang
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Road management workforce increased in Ryanggang Province

The Kim Jong Un regime’s emphasis on all its citizens taking part in “national land management” has led to an increase in the number of workers in municipal and county road management units in Ryanggang Province, Daily NK sources reported on Monday. 

“The number of workers in national land management agencies has doubled in recent years,” a Ryanggang Province-based source told Daily NK. “There are now more than 10 units managing roads in Paegam, Pochon and Kimjongsuk counties.” 

In the past, there had been about three to five road management units in each municipal and county road department in the province. 

“Ryanggang Province has a lot of revolutionary historical sites, so the area warrants a lot of attention on road construction and repair,” the source said. “In the past, the authorities would repair the roads in one fell swoop, but now they place small units near important roads in the province.” 

Each road management unit is made up of five to seven workers, the source added. 

North Korea’s road system divides up its roads into six classes depending on their type, ranging from highways to small roads within towns.  ......

[Source: Daily NK]

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