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Date : October 30, 2019
Smartphones continue to change NK society
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Smartphones continue to change North Korean society

Smartphones are driving major shifts in North Korean lifestyles, Daily NK sources recently reported. 

“The mobile phone is single-handedly changing our lifestyles,” a Pyongyang-based source told Daily NK on Tuesday. “We can see the prices in markets all over the country, and we can send photographs and videos of products. The mobile phone is now a necessity for us.” 

Daily NK has previously reported on the growing perception that mobile phones are a required item for many North Koreans.

The source in Pyongyang emphasized that the mobile phone has made it easier for North Koreans to communicate than ever before.

“You make calls anywhere within the country with a mobile phone so it makes it easy to exchange news,” the source said. “We’ve entered an electronic age, and we’ve left the days of sending a letter and waiting a month for it to arrive.

The source also noted that North Koreans only use the post office like they did before the mid-1990s to send packages.

“You don’t see anyone sending letters anymore. There aren’t as many sending packages either because now many people use delivery services,” the source added.  ......

[Source: Daily NK]

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