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Date : November 20, 2019
MPS officers extract bribes to fund their day of honor
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MPS officers extract bribes to fund their day of honor

Ministry of People’s Security (MPS) officers have doubled down on efforts to extract bribes from ordinary North Koreans as the “Day of Security” (Nov. 19) approaches, Daily NK sources reported on Nov. 13. 

The Day of Security is aimed at increasing people’s awareness of law-enforcement issues and MPS officials take part in events and are given rewards to encourage their loyalty toward the regime. The overzealous moves by MPS officers to collect funds to provide these festivities, however, has antagonized many North Koreans, sources reported. 

“The crackdowns have intensified since the start of November, in the run up to the Day of Security,” a Ryanggang Province-based source told Daily NK. “MPS officers have launched investigations and crackdowns ahead of the special day.”  

North Koreans have long been accustomed to MPS officers conducting crackdowns at the end of the year. The bribes demanded by the officials this year, however, has increased, Daily NK sources said. ......

[Source: Daily NK]

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