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Date : January 15, 2020
China is tightening control over NK migrants
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China is tightening control over N. Korean female migrants

Chinese authorities have ordered local security forces in areas bordering North Korea to standardize the investigation and treatment of female North Korean migrants in the region, Daily NK has learned. 

“All local police posts in Liaoning Province received orders in mid-December telling them to file reports on interrogations of female defectors and to store them along with the family registration documents of the Chinese males with whom the women cohabit,” a Daily NK source in China reported in mid-December. 

The new orders come on the heels of Chinese efforts to investigate the defection routes of North Korean migrant women to identify human traffickers in the region. 


“It looks like the authorities are aiming to manage the population of North Korean female migrants and their children on an official basis,” another source in China told Daily NK. ......

[Source: Daily NK]

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