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Date : January 28, 2020
NK quarantines suspected coronavirus cases in Sinuiju
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N. Korea quarantines suspected coronavirus cases in Sinuiju

Following the broadcast of a North Korean health ministry official discussing the symptoms of the Wuhan coronavirus on state television on Jan. 21, North Korea has taken measures to prevent the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus by banning the entry of Chinese tourists into the country.

Daily NK conducted an interview with a source in Sinuiju, North Pyongan Province, on Jan. 26 to better understand how North Korean authorities are dealing with the outbreak of the virus in China.

Q: How are North Korean authorities responding to the outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus? 

A: As far I as I know, flights in and out of the country have been halted since Jan. 23, and the authorities are conducting meticulous inspections of passengers taking trains [departing from China and] heading for Pyongyang [through Sinuiju].

I’ve heard that even those with just slight symptoms [even light colds] are being quarantined in Sinuiju because there’s no vaccine to fight the virus yet. Supposedly, those quarantined in Sinuiju are forced to stay there for two weeks as a precautionary measure. ......

[Source: Daily NK]

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