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Date : March 24, 2020
Instructions about first day of school
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N. Korean authorities release instructions about first day of school

North Korea’s education ministry recently issued instructions to schools about what activities they should plan for on the first day of school following the end of the country’s extended winter vacation, which is set to end on Apr. 15, Daily NK has learned.

The release of details about what schools should do on the first day of school suggests that educational authorities will not delay the school year past Apr. 15, sources in North Korea told Daily NK on Mar. 19. 


In the orders, the education ministry told schools that the new school year will start at 8 AM on Apr. 17 (North Korea takes two days off to celebrate Kim Il Sung’s birthday on Apr. 15, meaning the school year will officially start on Apr. 17). After arriving at school, students are to read aloud an “oath” related to Kim Il Sung’s birthday and start classes at 9 AM.

The education ministry also reportedly ordered elementary, middle and high schools to conduct two 45-minute periods and for universities to hold three 90-minute lecture periods on the first day.  ......

[Source: Daily NK]

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