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Date : March 31, 2020
NK military’s winter training period ends
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The North Korean military’s winter training period ends

Following the end of the North Korean military’s winter training period, soldiers are now returning to work construction projects and military-owned farmland, Daily NK has learned. 

The training period, which began on Dec. 1, officially concluded on Mar. 22 with the submission of evaluations by each branch of the military to the 9th Division of the General Staff Operations Bureau (GSOB), according to Daily NK military sources in the country on Mar. 26. 

A final report created from these evaluations was submitted to the KPA Supreme Command on Mar. 24, sources reported. 

On Mar. 22, the GSOB issued an order to the military to focus on tilling military-run farm fields and construction projects, although the orders emphasized that units must maintain their combat readiness. ......

[Source: Daily NK]

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