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Date : April 6, 2020
Many working NK in China are still in limbo
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Many working N. Koreans in China are still in limbo

North Koreans working at restaurants and factories in China are worried about getting paid, despite the fact that many food joints and manufacturers are restarting operations, Daily NK has learned.

Daily NK sources confirmed on Apr. 1 that Chinese factories in Liaoning and Jilin provinces that employ North Korean workers have reopened. The factories, however, are suffering from financial difficulties because they are unable to sell their goods or obtain raw materials for production. 


Most of these factories produce clothes or seafood products and predominantly employ North Koreans. Clothing factories in Dandong that employ North Korean workers, for example, reportedly sell most of their products overseas to places like South Korea, Japan, the US and Europe, rather than the Chinese market. The COVID-19 situation has left many of the factories unable to either produce or export their goods normally.  ......

[Source: Daily NK]

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