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Date : May 11, 2020
Inter-Korean railway project welcomed
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N. Korean officials favorably view the inter-Korean railway project

Daily NK sources said that it appears that North Korean officials seem to welcome the inter-Korean railway project currently being pushed for by the South Korean government. 

The inter-Korean railway project involves constructing a railway line from Gangnung to Jejin just below the 38th Parallel on South Korean soil. It would extend the country’s existing Donghae Line railway. The project is part of the broader Moon Jae In government’s proposed “East Asian Railway Community” that would connect Busan to Russia and even Europe by way of North Korea. 

A Pyongyang-based source told that the perspective of North Korean officials is that there is no reason why North Korea should be opposed to the project if South Korea helps modernize North Korea’s deteriorating railways. 

[Source: Daily NK]

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