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Date : January 24, 2023
CSIS Commission Report on North Korea Policy & Extended Deterrence
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CSIS Commission Report on North Korea Policy & Extended Deterrence

The world is experiencing a number of tectonic shifts due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and related developments that present a perilous landscape for the U.S.-ROK (Republic of Korea) alliance as well as new opportunities for Washington and Seoul to navigate in the coming months.  

Collectively, these shifts in the strategic landscape call for the United States and its allies to reexamine traditional approaches to the North Korea nuclear issue and devise ways to increase the credibility of U.S. extended deterrence. The election of South Korean president Yoon Suk Yeol, whose positions on North Korea and regional issues align closely with those of the Biden administration, presents opportunities for the alliance to pursue new initiatives that will enhance the stability, security, and prosperity of the region. 

A bipartisan, 15-member Commission on the Korean Peninsula, co-chaired by Dr. John J. Hamre and Dr. Joseph S. Nye Jr. has looked at actionable recommendations for strengthening U.S. extended deterrence with South Korea and reexamining North Korea policy. The Commission is made up of former senior national security and diplomatic officials who played leading roles at the State Department, National Security Council, and Defense Department, among others.

[Source: CSIS]