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Date : October 20, 2017
China Should Stop Repatriating N. Korean Defectors
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The world is requiring the Chinese government to stop repatriating North Korean defectors. In order to acknowledge the gravity of seriousness, experts emphasized publicizing China's repatriation policy on North Korean defectors.

Daily NK, an online newspaper focusing on issues relating to North Korea, interviewed North Korean experts.

“With UN Resolution on the Situation of Human Rights in the DPRK and proclamations, the United Nations and international NGOs should raise the global awareness of China’s repatriating North Korean defectors. Once it is publicized internationally, the Chinese government would be more careful in sending them. Eventually, they will tolerate those who escaped from North Korea,” Eun Kyoung Kwon, a secretary general of ICNK said.

Meanwhile, other experts on North Korea and China also pointed out that in order to globally publicize the China’s repatriating problems, the South Korean government must step out and show off its diplomatic influence.

Kwon believes that the South Korean government is responsible for expressing our uncomfortable feelings toward China’s repatriating. “They must keep conducting negotiations under the table. In other words, to let the Chinese government be aware of that the South Korean government is watching their every repatriating, we need to send them certain signals both directly and indirectly,“ she added. 

[Source: Dailiy NK]

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