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Oh Kil Nam Sheds Tears of Remorse in Germany 
Date : November 4, 2011
A meeting between Dr. Oh Kil Nam and the Korean-German society in Berlin, October 26th. Dr. Oh Kil Nam has wrapped up his four-day trip to Germany on October 29th afte…
NK Prison Camp survivor raises awareness in the UK 
Date : October 31, 2011
Follows Shin Dong Hyuk’s campaigning visit to London. After being imprisoned for 23 years, he now works supported by organizations like ICNK to highlight the suffering o…
International Campaign to Rescue the family of Dr. Oh Kil Nam 
Date : October 27, 2011
With the exception of the two powerful candidates running for the office of mayor of Seoul-Na Kyung Won and Park Won Sun-there has been only one person who has been menti…
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