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Date : February 18, 2013
Suzanne Scholte Awarded the Medal of Merit

An American, Suzanne Scholte, who has consistently worked hard for North Korean human rights, has been awarded the medal of merit from the South Korean government on 15th.
As a president of the Defense Forum and the North Korean Freedom Coalition, Suzanne Scholte has led ‘North Korea Freedom Week’ annually since 2004. She also worked hard to pass the North Korean Human Rights Law in the US Congress, and has led the movement to stop defector’s forced repatriation.
Her various works for North Korean human rights were recognized by the South Korean government, so an award ceremony was held in the South Korean Embassy in Washington D.C. The North Korean Freedom Coalition showed their gratitude to the South Korean government and President Lee Myung Bak for the award.
Kim Hee Moon, Vice President of NKFC, Suzanne Scholte, President of NKFC, and Lee Suh Young, Army Major  General of South Korean Embassy in U.S. (Picture by Kim Hee Moon)

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