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Date : June 12, 2015
HRNK Canada contributed to the resolution for the NK Human Rights Act

On June 3rd, the resolution calling for the legislation of North Korea Human Rights Act was submitted in the Canadian Federal Parliament by Irwin Cotler. If approved, the submitted act will observe and report on North Korea’s Human Rights conditions, appoint a North Korean Human Rights Ambassador, and give funding to non-government institutions that support defectors living in China. Additionally the bill will allow North Korean defectors to receive refugee status in Canada more easily.

HRNK Canada (president Kyung B. Lee) has held numerous public and non-public meetings, contacted members of parliaments and participated in parliamentary hearings to discuss about the legislation of the Act. Until Mr. Cotler submitted the resolution, HRNK canada continuously consulted closely with Mr. Cotler and influenced the resolution's final submission.

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