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Date : September 4, 2012
The Start of the North Korean Human Rights Month
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With almost 30 North Korean human rights groups, NK Net celebrated the opening of North Korean Human Rights Month at the Constitutional Memorial Hall in the National Assembly on September 3rd.
The North Korean Human Rights Month Committee proclaimed that every September, which is when the UN general meeting and regular Assembly sessions begin, will be North Korean Human Rights Month. Through this one-month event, they hope to gather together as many people as possible that are concerned with improving the North Korean human rights situation. They are also aiming to help the passing of the North Korean human rights law in South Korea.
In the opening address, Park Chang Dal, the chairman of the Korea Freedom Federation, said, “Many people recognize the extreme infringement of human rights in North Korea, yet the improvement is not enough, and, especially, South Korea’s concern and efforts are insufficient.” In his address, he encouraged people to participate in North Korean human rights activities.
During the North Korean Human Rights Month in September, various human rights groups will put on North Korean human rights film festivals, plays, photo exhibitions, international meetings, seminars, defectors’ testimonies, open broadcasts, etc. until 30th.

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