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Date : September 12, 2012
Dr Oh Kil Nam's Visit to the US
   http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5ikJx3EBvtpRdtBlBUNz… [817]

Dr. Oh Kil Nam was the subject and guest speaker of an event held by the HRNK in Washington this week where he, and members of the ICNK, are visiting. The AFP's report on this week's visit to the US by Dr Oh contains background information on the case and also provides some choice quotes from the event.
Dr. Oh told the audience that, "Despite all the brainwashing, I believe that my daughters Hae-Won and Kyu-Won's fundamental feelings toward me will not have changed," and that, "I think that if we could spend a month together that they would open up and speak truthfully to me. I have faith in that,". Oh also asked that North Korea provides evidence that his wife is dead. His visit to the US with members of the ICNK continues.

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