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Date : September 27, 2012
Justice for North Korea will hold a Sports Day
   http://www.justice4nk.org/en/ [1490]

Justice for North Korea will conclude their activities for the North Korean Human Rights Month with a sports day held in Gocheok Neighborhood Park near Gaebong Station this Saturday.
This weekend is the beginning of the Chuseok holiday - a traditional holiday somewhat akin to Thanksgiving. It is very much a family event in the South. As a lot of defectors have no family in the South, the event has been organized to allow defectors to have fun on this special occasion.
Anyone is welcome to participate by contacting the director of Justice for North Korea via email - justicenk@gmail.com
A full itinerary of the event can be found on the Justice for North Korea website - http://www.justice4nk.org/en/

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