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Date : December 13, 2012
NGOs Release Statements Criticizing Missile Launch

Various ICNK member organizations have released statements that criticize the North Korean regime's missile launch on the 12th.
The Association of Broadcasters for North Korea stated that Kim Jong Eun took people's food and made missiles. They also said that due to the existence of the Kim Jong Eun regime, peace and security on the Korean peninsula and the world will not be guaranteed.
Students’ organizations, such as Students Alliance for North Korean Human Rights, the Youth Forum, North Korean Youth for North Korean Human Rights, and others held a joint press interview. They presented a statement that criticized the North Korean regime’s missile launch.
NKnet insisted that the international community needs to show power against Kim Jong Eun as he continuously uses military provocation. They also said that it is important that the Kim Family’s concealed property is tracked down.
Many North Korean human rights NGOs criticized the North Korean regime’s missile launch and claimed that North Korea needs to be changed to a modern country as soon as possible.

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