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Date : October 19, 2020
HRW: Worth Less Than an Animal
   https://www.hrw.org/report/2020/10/19/worth-less-animal/abuses-and-due… [327]

“Worth Less Than an Animal”
Abuses and Due Process Violations in Pretrial Detention in North Korea

In late 2014, police officers entered the home of Lim Ok Kyung, a smuggler in her forties from North Korea’s South Hwanghae province. The police were looking for, and found, home appliances smuggled from China. Lim Ok Kyung was detained at a detention and interrogation facility (kuryujang) run by the police near the border. Her husband, a mid-level party member, had good connections, so she was released after 10 days. Yet that did not prevent the investigator or police guards from beating her. Lim Ok Kyung described her experience to Human Rights Watch:  ......

[Source: Human Rights Watch]

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