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Date : March 11, 2019
Promoting accountability in the DPRK
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Promoting accountability in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

Report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights


In  the  present  report,  the  Office  of  the  United  Nations  High  Commissioner  for Human    Rights    describes    the    progress    made    in    the    implementation    of    the recommendations  made  by  the  Human  Rights  Council  in  its  resolution  34/24  on promoting   accountability   for   human   rights   violations   in   the   Democratic   People’s Republic  of  Korea,  in  particular  with  regard  to  the  setting  up  of,  and  work  done  by,  a dedicated accountability team of the Office of the High Commissioner.*The present report was submitted after the deadline in order to reflectthe most recent developments.A/HRC/40/36Advance Edited VersionDistr.: General7March 2019Original: English

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